industrialization of your products

Whether it is an industrial embedded system or a connected object, we take in charge the whole industrialization of your products. We entrust your productions to a network of qualified partners which have various production means (from the small series to hundred of thousands units series).

Planning the industrialization of your connected solutions from the beginning of the project

The implementation of a product in PoC (proof of concept) mode, requires less time than a serial product. For as much, we are doing everything we can for the whole of industrialization constraints take into consideration from the beginning of the conception of your solutions.

The whole of normative aspects, the mechatronics constraints and the differents power supplies are studied to be in phase with a future support .

A unique interlocutor from A to Z

From the writing of your specification to the manufacturing of your firsts prototypes, COVADE possess thetechnical expertise to assist you from the first phases of your conceptions. For a mastery of the triptych cost, delay and quality, we are doing everything we can for a co-conception with your teams.

We are your sole interlocutor for the whole requested taking parts throughout the project. 

(Re)design to cost

You have an existing product, this product contains end-of-life components, you have cost constraints or need to receive technological bricks, our team can take in charge the conception update of your product while taking those different constraints into account.