You would like to understand the wheels of an embedded system operating on Linux or FreeRTOS, or develop an application with a graphical framework such as Qt. COVADE, approved training centre, can accompany your teams to increase their skills and gain the necessary notions.

We provide formation sessions on-site or inter-companies for a period of 3 to 4 days.

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Day 1: Linux in embedded environment

  • Linux presentation: concepts, kernel, file system, licenses
  • Take in charge of the development environment
  • Linux system architecture: bootloader, kernel, file system
  • Presentation of the Yocto Project and the bitbake tool

Practical exercises :

  • Study of Yocto sources
  • Bitbake tool manipulation
  • Study and test of cross-compiler usage

Day 2: Yocto usage

  • Build of a core image
  • Adaptation of an image
  • Notion of recipes
  • Writing of recipes

Practical exercises :

  • Compilation of a modified image
  • Modification of an image
  • Writing of a recipe for a test application on target STM32MP1

 Day 3: BSP and Linux Kernel

  • Configuration, compilation and patch of a kernel
  • notion of BSP
  • Compilation and adaptation of an existing BSP

Practical exercises :

  • Kernel compilation
  • GPIOs manipulation on target STM32MP1

Day 4: Inter-processor communication Cortex-M4/Cortex-A7 on target STM32MP1

  • The operation of the Cortex-M4 : boot, memory, ...
  • Notion of RDC (Resource Domain Controller)
  • Talk and data exchange between the Cortex-M4 and Cortex-A7

Practical exercises :

  • Boot of the Cortex-M4 from U-Boot
  • Writing of a test and execution program on Cortex-M4
  • Data exchange between the Cortex-M4 and Cortex-A7
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