Electronic design

Whether you are on a development of new products, a " redesing to cost " or an update of a product that is on the brink of becoming outdated: our team is at your service for the tailor-made creation of your electronic cards.

The whole coercion of design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) are considered since the conception phase, assuring an industrial result with a controlled cost.


Schematics capture

  • Analogical and digital signals
  • Schematics review that already exists.
  • Inclusions of the applicable norms (CE, UL, Ax).
  • Inclusion of CEM constraints, electrical security.
  • Writing of DFM and DFT files.


Single or multi-layer routing

  • Routing with high-speed signals (DDR, Ethernet, ...).
  • Routing with RF technology integration.
  • Routing for Flex technology
  • IPC norms compliance.
  • Inclusion of mechanical aspects.
  • Edition of manufacturing files (gerbers).


With the acquired experience in electronic circuits conception, we acquired a thorough expertise in the identification of the best components to integrate.

Strong of this experience, we have constituted a reusable components library.

Here are some examples of blocks that we are able to quickly integrate in order to accelerate the conception of your products:  

    • Battery chargers (BMS, solar sources).
    • Power supplies (AC/DC, DC/DC, POE).
    • Communication circuits (Bluetooth , BLE, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, sigfox, LORA, …).
    • Screens LCD/TFT/LED.
    • Sensors (IR, UV, accelerometer, temperature, ...).

Firmware/BSP development

We develop your custom embedded software