Firmware/BSP development

You need a product that can integrate embedded intelligence (cloud connection, image processing, industrial process, ...).

Our team is specialized in connected products development, we guide you by complete hardware and software development deliveries.

We develop on all types of architectures, from the simplest (8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers) to the most complex (32 and 64-bit multi-processors). 

BSP development

  • Embedded systems development customized for architectures ARM, QorIQ Layerscape, Intel.
  • Linux kernel migration on versions 2.6, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x.
  • Porting and bootloader adjustment such as Uboot or Barebox.
  • Porting and custom development of Linux drivers network, graphics, communication USB, GSM, CAN).
  • Advanced usage of Yocto Project and Buildroot.

Linux Development

  • Application development with the Qt framework.
  • Implementation of communication stacks CAN, Ethercat, Modbus, MQTT, OPC UA, Profinet, Bluetooth.
  • Development and integration around stacks Xenomai or Prempt-RT.
  • Implementation of remote update systems (swupdate, Mender, …).
  • Application development in real time.

Android development

  • Development of Android BSP.
  • Drivers development
  • Development of JNI libraries (Modbus, CAN, RS232, RS485, …).
  • Application development on Kotlin.

Development de Firmwares


  • Development of firmwares bare-metal.
  • Development of firmwares RTOS Zephyr, Keil.
  • Development ofreal time schedulers.
  • Development of drivers.
  • Boot and consumption optimization
  • Implementation of processus de mise à jour à distance.
  • Mastery of architectures STM32, PICxx, DsPIC.
  • Development DSP (acquisition, filtering, modulation, demodulation).


  • Développement de BSP Linux/Android
  • Development of drivers.
  • Boot and consumption optimization
  • Implementation of remote update processes
  • Mastery of architectures STM32, PICxx, DsPIC
  • Development DSP (acquisition, filtering, modulation, demodulation)


  • Development FPGA/IP
  • Development ofAV IP acquisition
  • Development interface haut débit
  • Development ofreal time schedulers.
  • Development bare-metal / Linux sur System on Chip (SoC)
  • Development High Level Software (HLS)
Schéma FPGA

IT Development

We develop your Android/IOS applications and integrate your Cloud and HMI platforms.