IT Development

Whether on PC, cell phones, tablets or on a man-machine interface, our teams develop your custom business applications. Our skills take into account the latest technologies in force in the industry.

Once your specifications are established, we can develop according to your needs, in total autonomy or jointly with your teams all or part of your software. Whether you are on agile or more traditional V-cycle modes, our team adapts to your needs so that you have the most suitable answer. 

Traditionally, our developments are segmented into sprint (of X weeks) at the end of which deliveries are made for validation. Once all deliveries are done and approved, a production release is performed with your teams.


L’expérience utilisateur étant un des paramètres des plus importants à considérer, nous apportons un attention particulière à cette phase préliminaire au développement. Que ce soit pour le développement d’une application sur PC pour banc de tests, une application mobile ou bien un site web embarqué sur un régulateur industriel, notre équipe travaille avec vous pour établir les bases de votre application :

  •  Writing interfaces with description
  • Elaboration of wireframes.
  • Picture design with our partner network.
Interface utilisateur

Development thick client & web.

Our team can assist you in the development of business applications implementing the following languages or frameworks:

Codage et développement
  • QT/QML.
  • JAVA.
  • C and C++.

When your electronic solution has an embedded web server, our team can develop all the bricks allowing the use and the configuration of this solution. Through the use of :

  • HTML 5.

You'll enjoy smooth interfaces with advanced design.

mobile development

Based on Android or IOS, we can develop all or part of your applications, and manage their deployment and maintenance for you:

  • Development Android and NDK libraries.
  • Development multi-platform with Flutter.
  • Development IOS.
développement mobile

During these developments, we may be required to use the native devices of your smartphones or tablets. We have a real experience in the implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE) communications, the use of sensors such as cameras, GPS or inertial unit.


In order to make your product cloud ready, our team follows you in the complete implementation of software bricks essentials to a connected functioning with the market cloud platforms. Starting from embedded bricks, to the implementation of supervision tables, our key offer in your hand allows you a time gain and a customized answer adapted to your professional needs.

  • Implementation of data routines of a data collection on embedded systems (IIOT)
  • Implementation of communication means (secure flows to the cloud platform with SSL / TLS, X.509 digital certificates).
  • Usage of a TMP module on embedded systems.
  • Development of professions dashboards tailor-made.