consulting and innovation strategy

The internet of things is present in every activity sectors: smart building & smart home, transport and mobility, business, farming, industry 4.0.

More and more companies are embarking on a transformation of their processes, a digitization of their service offering but are facing difficulties, which is why our team is at your side to define together your digitization processes and innovation axes.

définition de votre stratégie d'innovation

All areas of the industry are impacted by the emergence of several technologies such as big data, telecommunication networks, artificial intelligence and connected objects. These technologies are pushing more and more companies to digitalize. connected objects. Ces technologies poussent de plus en plus d’entreprises à se digitaliser.

This digitization has often multiple ends: process improving (production in particular), complementary capital gains to an existing product range, the client experience improvement.

Our team can accompany you in the definition of your strategy of digitization by innovation.

Travail d'innovation

The 4 pillars of a successful strategy:




Operating platforms




Operating platforms

Customized technical expertise sur-mesure

Beyond the innovation aspects, we also conduct targeted expertise on specific domains such as embedded Linux, where our experts are called upon to resolve technical issues. Indeed, it is sometimes complicated to have all the resources in-house or to step back when faced with a technological choice. This is why we accompany our clients with these expertises of varying duration (from one day to several weeks) in order to assist them in resolving their difficulties.

Full support to develop your solution.

From the writing of your specifications to the manufacturing of your solution

We are by your side duringopen innovation session which we establish, with your teams, a complete plan for the implementation of your innovation and digitization strategy.

This phase result to the writing of a specification allowing a complete definition of the software and hardware architecture logiciel et matériel à mettre en œuvre pour la conception, manufacturing of your new industrial solution.

Establishment of your IoT strategy

We cover the whole set up of your IoT strategy. From development creation of your embedded systems or communicating objects to the set up of your cloud platform which will operate the datas of these. We are by your side for a tailor-made coconstruction.

To go further, from PoC to industrialization

The development of a new product which came from innovation phases is always a new challenge. Thus, to test a new market or features, we can conceive your product in the shape of a proof of concept. Once the market tested or a fundraising done, we can manufacture your product and assist you all along its life.

A Redesign to cost of your existing solutions

You have an existing product, this product contains end-of-life components, you have cost constraints or need to receive technological bricks, our team can take in charge the conception update of your product while taking those different constraints into account.

Electronic Design

We develop your tailor-made electronic cards.